Demography of Internet content served to Indian users

The peak traffic served to Indian users from the internet is approx 2Tbps  .Major content of this is Video stream followed by Browsing traffic.


Video traffic as we can guess is 10% of adult content and rest is from sites such as Youtube.

India has not matured much in terms of hosting or creating of Video content as well as the number of Websites from India is also very less.

This leads to the below mentioned ratio of traffic which is being served to the Indian networks.


The problem with the Indian ISPs  out of the 25% content also most of that is being served from International cable system ,which furthe for adds to the cost for ISP as well as latency for the end subscriber.

A website like which is hosted in India may add latency upto 100ms for being served via International links.This is mainly due to the lack of connectivity between the ISP and the datacenters (direct) as well as connectivity between Indian ISP among themselves.

ISPs like Vodafone and Airtel are connected to each other using International cable system. An initiative by the Govt of India -National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) helps in this inter-connectivity ,but this has helped in providing the domestic traffic to an extent of about 5-8 % due to unavailability of routes from NIXI for the destination data centers as well as ISPs.

As per a circular from ISPAI (ISP Association of India) it has asked all the ISPs to provide the data on individual basis , as in how much domestic traffic is being served through local connectivity and how much from international.

I hope by creating more flexible options for data-centers and ISP in terms of connectivity .this internet exchange will be able to help in keeping the India data traffic to India ,instead of travelling to the whole world for serving to Indian customers.


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