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Being a part of ISPs and and as an internet geek for about 6 years now ,I have started relating everything which happens near me to the internet traffic .Whatsapp down –Check their twitter status update ,check their RIPE status .Facebook down -Ahhh screw Akamai guys and blah blah blah .

So if we closely observe the internet traffic trend for any ISP or for the whole world in their respective timezone,it can be related to the lifestyle of the end users.

65% of the internet users are working population  or may be involved in some sort of activities related to that.So by setting up the baseline with the lifestyle of that working population with the little bit variations in the geography and events across the world,I have tried to relate the trend as below.

Source of the data is the traffic trend as well as Web-analytics from 7 ISPs across Europe and Asia(The Americas are different anyways)

Most of the readers would already relate to that, however just to go more in detail for the matter of the subject.

6:00AM-08:00 AM


A person wakes up from his sleep and first thing he checks is his mobile phone (generally speaking).

Now even while is working on the call of nature ,he is busy checking his mails/instant messaging apps, latest update on his social networking site wallboard.

So the overall internet traffic increases during this time period in an exponential way.


Top 5 applications used:Facebook, SMTP traffic, Instant messaging

08:00 AM -10:00AM



People start travelling to their office and business places and since you don’t want to end up like this guy on the right.

Thus there is a slight trough on the internet graph during this period.

Major traffic application increased during this period is Facebook and iTunes



Traffic again increases again through the day, but this time its parabolic rather than exponentially.

Major increase in traffic is for the applications such as instant messaging and adult sites (I seriously doubted that, its 11AM in the morning: x) For rest of the application traffic increase normally and nothing specific happens as people will be be using internet for their work,fun and communications.





Now depending upon the lunch timings across the countries and lifestyle of working and non working population, there is a slight dip in trough again in the traffic and this one is signification across the world.


Major applications apart from top 10 :Skype,AOL,Dailymotion






Traffic again increases exponentially during this time and I could observe increase in traffic of file sharing traffic drastically during this time

This again varies across the work cultures across the world, but traffic




During this time three things happen which slightly de-accelerate the internet traffic increase.

1.People drive back home from their office.

2. Have their dinner.

3.Stick to the idiot box (to watch the commercials)





Busy hour traffic is approx twice than that of average hour traffic.


Video is the underlying reason for accelerated busy-hour traffic growth. Unlike other forms of traffic that are spread evenly throughout the day (such as web browsing and file sharing), video tends to have a “prime time.” Because of video consumption patterns, the Internet now has a much busier busy hour. Because video has a higher peak-to-average ratio than data or file sharing, and because video is gaining traffic share, peak Internet traffic will grow faster than average traffic. The growing gap between peak and average traffic is amplified further by the changing composition of Internet video. Real-time video such as live video, ambient video, and video calling has a peak-to-average ratio that is higher than on-demand video.

Youtube dominates the prime days on all days and seasons.


Traffic during this time varies a lot during weekdays 2AMand weekends.After the dark hours are more for P2P traffic viz Bit torrent carries the maximum traffic till 3:AM and other major contributor is Adult streaming (obvious 🙂 ).However since overall people go to sleep there is a decrease in total internet traffic like a hockey stick slope.As  the night goes  more old its only the Adult streaming traffic that dominated.

On weekends however there is a surge in Facebook traffic between 01:00AM and 02:00AM which again is justified by the fact that people will be busy uploading all the pics they captured in the clubs. and get together.


Internet is consumed by human beings and they have another need :Sleep


sleepy baby

Almost 99% of the population sleep by this time as reflected from the internet traffic trend.

And I really love this one ,top application are all the update related websites such as download.microsoft.com ,java.com or open source websites such as access.redhat.com

Below mentioned analytics summarize what all the internet takes through the day.



1.In one day enough infomation in consumed by the internet to fill in 168 million DVDs

2.294 billion emails are sent every day.

3.Every day 2 million blog posts(including this one) are written every day :Enough to fill the Time magazine for next 770 years!

4.Number of people visiting Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Google+,Pinterest  resp :172 | 40 | 22 | 22 |17 million

5.864,000 hours of video are uploaded on Youtube every day.

6.4.7 Billion minutes are spent of Facebook everyday which includes 532 million status updates and 250 million photo upload every day

7.Number of iPhone sold(378000) per day is more than the number of babies born per day (371000) :Well this thing is not related here but thought this was interesting 😛 )

8:Average user spends about 14.4 minutes viewing porn on the internet.

Happy browsing the internet.


P.S :Please do not reach me for Web analytics information as it has been done in past.This blog is just my hobby and I  do not intend to commercialize it.





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