How I get my Youtube & Facebook contents -Google and Akamai CDN

If we see the total internet traffic breakup for any service provider the % of traffic from Google is around 30% ,15-20% of the traffic is from Facebook and sites such as etc. The OTT players such as Google in order to enhance user experience have tried to get as close to the user as possible by direct peering with the regional service providers and provide contents using CDN (Content delivery network) providers. Google is having its own CDN network branded as a service called Google Global Cache (GGC) and Other big players such as Facebook and Microsoft have bought CDN services from Akamai,Limelight etc. Typically any service provider will be having around 40% traffic being served from Google and Akamai combined. So it would be interesting to know how these services work.

Google Global cache

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War of the Packet Messaging Applications :Whatsapp,WeChat & Line

India and the other Asian countries are now in a big race to move from traditional voice based mobility services to data based.So has the shift been made in the messaging applications from the circuit switched SMS to the packet switched messaging applications such as WeChat,Line and Whatsapp also not forgetting the reigning apps like Viber.

Sumit Menaria

Whatsapp has currently 400 million ¬†users ,followed by 350 million on WeChat and 300 million users on Line .While the major base of users for Whatsapp is in US and Europe ,WeChat has major users from China and Line from Japan ,mainly due to the country of development of these applications. Continue reading “War of the Packet Messaging Applications :Whatsapp,WeChat & Line”