Network and Security Questionaire

1.Broadcast address of
2.Difference between Cisco Nexus 7000 and Cisco 6500.Where will you use it.
3.What are the advantages which Nexus offers in terms of VPC from regular ether-channels.
VPC offers loadsharing along with node level redundancy.
4. Which state does OSPF gets stuck, due to MTU mismatch.

5.What OSPF message carries the MTU size information.
Database discription
6.In RSVP path message ,what is the source and destination IP address at each hop.
7.In which database is the CSPF calculation stored.
Traffic engineering database or ospf opaque database

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Routing & Switching Demystified

OSPF Network types

Following are the various network types in OSPF.


Interface type DR/BDR Dynamic neighbor discovery Default hello interval
Broadcast Yes Yes 10
Non-Broadcast Yes No 30
Point to Point No Yes 10
Loopback NA NA NA
Point to multipoint No Yes 30
Point to multipoint nonbroadcast No No 30

Key points to remember

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